6 Ways To Fill Employment Gaps In Your CV

Imagine this, you have been out of a job for some months or years now and you don’t know how to fill those gaps in your CV. You are convinced that perhaps this is the reason why you haven’t been able to secure any interviews.

Why? Because employers can see you haven’t been working for a while and hence, they don’t believe you are up to the task. How do you then go about this situation?

To employers, gaps in your CV suggest that you have not been engaged and hence you have not been advancing your skills. And this only makes it harder for you especially when you are applying for jobs that need certain years of experience.

So, if you haven’t been working for some time now because youyou got laid off or you quit your job for one reason or another, here are 6 ways to fill gaps in your CV.

1. Fill in using your volunteering activities

The one thing an employer does not want to hear is that you have been idle or just looking for jobs.

They want to know that you have been engaged; you have been taking part in something that has kept you busy or has utilized your skills.

For instance, if you are an Accountant and you have been volunteering in your church to file taxes for church members, indicate that in your CV.

If you have been volunteering in any organization to do something even remotely related to your profession indicate that in your CV.

This will make your CV look professional and give employers the impression that you are self-motivated.

2. Put down your internships

As a fresh graduate, you can indicate your experience in a few months of internships.

You may have attended more than one internship for short periods and it’s acceptable to put them down in your CV.

These internships show that you are gaining some form of experience even as you wait to get a permanent job.

3. Add family/personal businesses undertaken

If you have been involved in a personal family venture you can include it in your CV. Here, state the duties you carry out in a very clear way. Also, indicate your position in that business.

You can also give a short description of the business to give employers a clear understanding of what the family business entails.

At the same time, indicate the time you started working for this business as well as highlight your achievements if any.

4. Add trainings you have attended

If you have been attending training related to your career development, please include them in your CV.

This shows an employer that even though you are out of employment, you are still taking up avenues to continue growing in your career and advance your skills.

And this can be inclusive of seminars, career fairs and talks. So make it a habit to start attending as many training  to demonstrate your commitment to professional development

5. Include schooling and short courses

Including the fact that you went back to school or are taking short courses can be effective when it comes to filling gaps in your CV.

This shows that you are improving your skill-set and competency as well as cementing your understanding of your field.

So whether it’s those 3-month courses, a Masters, Diploma, or professional certification, please include them.

6. Include temporary assignments, projects or contracts

If you have taken up any contractual or temporary jobs, include them in your CV. Indicate the date and time you took them and what your duties were.

However, you need to be careful not to look like a job hopper because this can end up working against you. If you took up contracts in one company it’s recommended to include only those.

At the end of the day what an employer wants to know is how you have been engaged while being out of formal employment.

In conclusion, employment gaps in your CV don’t have to be a deal-breaker. By utilizing these tips, you can demonstrate to potential employers that you’ve remained active and engaged in your profession.

But just in case you need additional assistance to fill gaps in your CV then get in touch with an experienced and competent team of professional CV writers who will make sure they seal gaps in your CV and help you land your next big interview!