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By Joan Igamba

The sales and marketing profession offers one the most readily available opportunities for both entry level and experienced professionals.

This makes it a very competitive field as a result.

How do you stand out from the many applicants who apply to jobs daily?

Having an impressive personal profile in your CV is the first step.

In this article, I will break down a step by step guide on how to write a winning career objective for a sales position.

What is a career objective?

A career objective is the introductory paragraph that sits at the top of your CV.

It is meant to impress the employer and encourage them to go on reading and reviewing your CV.

Other than that, another key purpose of a career objective is to explain to the employer, in a nutshell, how suitable you are to the role you are applying for.

Other names for it include a CV summary, career objective or a personal statement. As long as it appears at the top of your CV, the employer is sure to go through it as an introduction.

Remember to keep this paragraph short and sweet, usually 8 to 15 lines of text offers the right balance. Make sure what you write is to the point as the longer you make it, the more it bores the reader.

Make sure to write it in a persuasive tone to help you sell yourself and increase your chances of landing interviews.

What information should your career objective include as a sales professional?


Write down what qualifications and responsibilities the job will require from the job description. It is important that your career objective matches up to what the potential employers are looking for. This will automatically impress the employers as they read it.


Your educational background is an important part of your personal statement especially if you are a junior candidate. You should highlight your highest and most relevant qualifications, for example a first degree.


It is important you discuss the experience you have as gained in your personal statement. For a sales job, this could be fairly easy as anything you have ever sold qualifies as experience.

You were able to turn the person’s interest into a purchase. If you have sales experience that stands out or that is impressive, prioritize that for the career objective.

While discussing your experience, include the skills you used to close the sale, the industry that you were working in, the type of company if applicable and the people you have worked with.


Any industry specific knowledge you have that will be useful to your new employer should be included in your career objective.


Try to show interest and passion for the field you are hoping to enter because employers want to hire people who have genuine motivation and drive in their work.

Example of a sales CV career objective

Mary is highly motivated to work with organizations that utilize personalized customer outreach strategies for ultimate business growth. She has a background in sales and marketing, where researching and solving market needs is the norm. This will enable her to identify client needs and customize product solutions for them. She has experience in analysing and entering new markets. This was demonstrated while selling electronics for LG Electronics Kenya. She is seeking a sales role with an electronics company in order to grow their business using current and proactive sales methods to reach out to prospects.

In conclusion,

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