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By Joan Igamba

Are you having trouble formatting your CV? Then here is some good news. Microsoft word has a number of free CV templates to suit the needs of every professional in every industry.

Microsoft word has provided over 25 free templates that are already pre-formatted. All you have to do is fill in your personal information, your experiences and career goals to suit the job you are applying for.

Read on to find out how to format your curriculum vitae in Word.

Here is how to access the pre-formatted templates

1. Open Microsoft Word on your computer.

If you have Microsoft Word installed on your computer, open the program and let it load for a moment.

2. Select File then New

Once you’ve clicked on new, a window of templates will appear.

At the top there is a search bar, you could search for CV templates or alternatively scroll down until you see the template options designed for formatting CVs.

Click on the CV format that best suits your personal brand and career story. Then click on create.

When your resume template opens, you’ll see placeholder text for each line of your CV, starting with your first and last name at the top. Delete this header text and enter your name, as well as any contact information by which you want the employer to contact you.

Do the same thing for the place holder text in all the sections of your CV. The sections will include:

  • Your career objective

Use the first line below your name and contact information to describe who you are, what you do, and what you’re looking for in your career.

  • Your school and latest education.

List any relevant degrees or certificates you received through schooling.

  • Your work experience

Describe each job you’ve held, your professional experience is frequently the most important section of your resume. Make sure to use a CV format that ranks this section high, above your skills and education, depending on how many jobs you previously held.

  • Your relevant skills.

If you have experience in certain software, problem-solving or project management skills, use them to format the skills section of your CV.

Here are the 5 pre-formatted templates

Using a template can reduce the time you have to spend formatting your CV, which allows you to focus on adding content and polishing up your resume so it’s perfect.

We have chosen these five, as a starting point for you.

1. Modern Chronological Resume Template

We’ll start with a simple one. This resume template is available from Microsoft. It’s one of many free templates the company has prepared for those who depend on Microsoft Office tools to format their CVs. It is written in Times New Roman but you can also change the font if you wish

2. Extended CV

You can use this elegant CV format if you are applying for academic or research positions. Its extended format allows you to include things such as training fellow jobs, research, awards or publications made.

3. Basic resume (timeless design)

This offers you with a CV format choice that is clean and simple, nothing over the top. This is for professionals who work in government or the banking sector as it communicates a very professional tone.

4. Resume for recent college graduate

This template allows for recent university or college graduates or even entry level staff to format their CV with their superior educational achievements being the focus of the CV. It also has other sections for skills as well as experience.

5. Basic resume

This template is suited to all professionals no matter the number of years of experience you have. This template has a basic CV layout that is easy on the eyes. It would be ideal for an employer to go through.

In Conclusion,

When you need help writing a curriculum vitae, it can be easiest to start with a template. This will guide you through the process of formatting your CV. If you need some help with writing your CV, do not hesitate to reach out to She will be sure to format your CV in a professional manner that will be impressive to employers.