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Interviews are generally stressful given that whatever you do or say in there will determine whether you get a job in Kenya you want or not. Attending a stress interview is even more taunting.

Stress interviews, however, are manageable with the right preparations but before we get into that, let us learn what a stress interview is.

What is a stress interview?

This is the kind of interview where the employer asks you difficult and uncomfortable questions to push you out of your comfort zone and see how you can manage stress.

If you went for such an interview today, will you panic? Will you cry? Some interviewers are very tough and can press such buttons.

So, how can you manage a stress interview? To do this, you need to know what to expect in this interview.

What you Should Expect During A Stress Interview.

  • Tactics in a stress interviewing vary, nonetheless, you will not miss experiencing intimidating and uncomfortable questions.
  • The employer might ask you questions such as; Why did you get fired? Why should I hire you yet you do not meet the requirements?
  • You might get a few brain teasers questions, which you should keep in mind, do not have an exact answer. They are meant to push you to the edge to know how you solve problems.

An example of the questions in this interview is, ‘How will you fire someone if need be?’

Some interviewers are tough and might ask you downright rude questions. He or she can out rightly tell you that they do not like your answers and should convince them otherwise.

How do you manage stress interviews? These are the tips you should use as you prepare for this type of interview.

How to Cope with a stress Interview

Research the company.

  • Do not make yourself anxious by wondering the kind of questions you will be asked once you walk into a stress interview. Instead, research on the company that you going to get interviewed at.
  • Know what they do and how they do things. This will help you get a sense of direction in which you are going to drive your answers.

Relax, take your Time, Breathe.

  • As you answer the stress interview questions, first, take a moment to breathe and carefully think about your response.
  • You might, later on, realize you would have answered a question differently had you stopped to think before answering.
  • You do not have to be right. The employee just wants to know how you would handle an issue. Be confident and be detailed about your answers.


  • This goes for all types of interviews. Get someone to help you practice. He or she can interview you then ask for their opinions.
  • In this case, get your toughest friend to do to create the atmosphere this kind of interview is going to.
  • If you can, get an interview coach and let him or her take you through the process. This way, you are going to get professional feedback and get to correct your areas of weaknesses.


You can walk into any kind of interview. Be flexible about your preparation and expectations, have enough confidence, and, do not be over-ambitious. Just follow the interview tips above and you shall do well.

All the best in your job interview!