How To Ensure Your CV Is Read and Put to A Yes Pile

I was getting increasingly frustrated with sending out my CV for various jobs but not hearing back from recruiters. It was almost a year when I started hunting for a job. I knew I had the right skills and qualifications for the roles I was applying to, but something just wasn’t clicking.

After what felt like the hundredth application with no response, I decided to take a step back and find out what the real issue was. I decided to start by critically reviewing my CV. That’s when I realized it might be the biggest reason recruiters were putting my applications aside.

My CV was cluttered and disorganized and did very little to highlight my key strengths and achievements. I knew I needed to make some changes if I wanted to increase my chances of getting interview invites.

Here are five effective ways that boosted my chances of getting noticed by recruiters:

1. Customize it for each role

Recruiters receive countless CVs every day and only have a few minutes to scan each one and make a decision. Make it easy for them to see how your skills and experience directly match what the employer is looking for in the job description.

For example, if you’re applying for an accountant position and you meet the qualifications, let your CV emphasize more on your accounting expertise and achievement. Tailor your resume by highlighting the key skills and qualifications. Remove any other unnecessary information that may hinder you from getting that job.

2. Use powerful action verbs.

Words like “responsible for” are passive and don’t convey your impact. Replace weak verbs with powerful, results-oriented action verbs like “launched,” “increased,” “streamlined,” etc.

This instantly catches the eye of recruiters and shows you are a strong performer who can be relied upon. One study found CVs using action verbs are 27% more likely to get a call-back.

3. Quantify your achievements

Recruiters want to understand the tangible impact you made in your previous work place. This indirectly tells them that you are an asset worth being brought on board. Avoid just stating what you did in previous roles; quantify your achievements with impactful numbers.

For example, instead of “Managed social media presence,” say “Increased Facebook followers by 30% within six months”. This impresses recruiters and separates you from others with similar roles.

4. Optimize the formatting

Your CV is Your first point of contact with the recruiter. The layout and formatting of your CV say a lot about your attention to detail, even before recruiters read the content.

Consider using a simple, easy-to-read font like Arial or Times New Roman size 11-12. Have consistent and clear headings and bullet points. Maintain a consistent 1-1.5 inch margin. Make it very easy to go through within seconds. Research shows that optimally formatted CVs get 50% more interviews.

5. Get it proofread

Nothing damages your chances more than spelling or grammatical errors. A write-up with a lot of grammatical mistakes puts off the recruiters. Ask 2-3 people, including those in your field, to proofread your CV with a fine-tooth comb.

Fresh eyes can catch mistakes you may have glanced over. Checking for errors is crucial, as one study found CVs with misspellings are rejected within 6 seconds on average! That means your worth may be overlooked quickly before your skills are even seen.


After diligently implementing all these tips in my CV, I started seeing results within a month. I was getting multiple interview requests, many from top companies I had always dreamed of working for.

With some clever tweaking, your CV too can make the jump from the ‘no’ pile straight to recruiters’ ‘yes’ pile. If you need sure results, you can seek professional CV Writing Services, as this will aid you in creating an ultimate CV that may open doors to new opportunities.