What does It Take To Appear Confident In A Job Interview?

What does It Take To Appear Confident In A Job Interview?

Imagine spending the whole night preparing for a job interview only to walk into the room and completely go blank? Does that sound familiar? I must say this is something a lot of us have experienced before. Mind you, it is completely normal.

Today I am going to share with you 3 simple and easy tips for appearing confident in any interview.

1. Your body language

First things first, did you know that your body language speaks volumes?

When you are in an interview there are certain non-verbal cues could potentially hinder your chances of getting a job.  For instance, repeatedly yawning in an interview. The message you pass across by doing so is that either you are bored, hungry, tired, or all the above and probably cannot wait for that interview to be over!

Fidgeting throughout the entire interview. o Doing the little annoying things like crack your knuckles, swing in your chair, or rub your feet repeatedly on the floor shows you are nervous and it only causes distraction.

It also gives the message you are impatient, anxious, and can’t wait to leave and this makes you appear like someone who has no confidence.

What then should you do to ensure your body language is just right? Here are 2 ways:

  • Mind your hands.

Our hands are some of the most difficult organs to control, right? You don’t know where to place them, how to move them etc.

The trick is to minimize your hand movement. If you find yourself fidgeting with your hands too much, interlock and place them on the table while maintaining that position for most of the interview.

  • Sit upright

Sitting upright will help you minimize your bodily movements. Never slouch or fold your arms. Sitting upright automatically shows confidence and poise as well as preparation.

2. Acknowledge your fears and deal with them

The first step to solving a problem is admitting that you do have a problem. Acknowledge even before getting into the interview room that you are nervous and anxious.

Now that you know that, choose to make a conscious decision to suppress thoughts of nervousness and anxiety and ask yourself, “Do I really want to pass this interview and get this job?” “So, which one is more important? My fear or confidence?”

Answer those questions correctly and immediately you gain a mind shift that will make you pass the interview. Always imagine yourself passing the interview and doing the job you love.

3. Do a mock interview

Want to gain confidence during an interview? Then a mock session is the icing on top of the cake! Prepare and rehearse commonly asked questions and understand the best way to respond to them.

Perfect your responses and also anticipate possible questions, especially in your field.

You can practice in front of a mirror or with a friend but make sure you do this with someone who will be objective in giving you criticism.

In conclusion, appearing confident in a job interview is essential if you want to land your dream job. It’s normal to feel nervous, but with the right preparation, you can overcome your fears and showcase your skills and abilities.

If you’re still struggling to feel confident, consider investing in interview coaching services for personalized coaching sessions to help you improve your interview skills, build your confidence, and ace your next interview.