How to Stay Calm and Confident In An Interview

How many interviews have you attended without getting a job? You probably replay the scenarios, wondering what you did wrong. Was it your choice of dressing, how you answered the question, or how you sat?

Mary Amondo, a professional interview coach, says a lot happens from the moment you step into the interview room to the moment you are assured that you will be offered the job.

It’s all about remaining calm and confident in an interview, and it’s what ultimately gives you a win.

But we all know that interviews are nerve-wracking, so how are you supposed to remain calm and confident in an interview to the extent that you end up getting the job?

1. Prepare as thoroughly as possible

If you have reviewed the job description and learned all you can about the company, you will feel more collected and poised in an interview.

While you have the time, spend as much time researching who your employer is and the industry. Look at the skills, experience, and qualities the job description requires, then think of examples of how you can demonstrate them.

Mary adds that 80% of what you will be asked in an interview will come from the job description.

2. Visualize success

I know this may sound cliché, but when you think about it, you can cultivate confidence by visualising yourself passing that interview.

Imagine yourself walking into that interview room, shaking hands confidently with the interviewer, developing a rapport and answering every question with conviction.

Positive visualisation is a great way to boost your self-esteem, helping calm interview nerves.

3. Aim to engage, not impress

Saying the right things in an interview is just as important as creating a connection with the recruiter.

In an interview, you want to come across as likeable rather than arrogant, so rather than sing your praises, why don’t you work on creating rapport with the interviewer?

“If the interviewer feels at ease with you, they are more likely to think of you as confident, and if you feel like you are getting along just fine with them, the more confident you will be of yourself,” she advises.

4. Get it right with your body language

Has it ever occurred that communication is more than what you say?

Body language accounts for 60% of our communication and should be employed in interviews. Your body language, even in an interview, should match your words.

Don’t just sit there answering questions; engage them through your body language.

Adopt an open posture, maintain eye contact with the person interviewing you, and don’t fidget. If you find it challenging to keep your hands still, try holding them folded in your lap.


Remaining collected and poised in an interview goes a long way toward building rapport with your interviewers and increasing your chances of getting the job.

So, if you have upcoming interviews, invest in our One-on-One Interview Coaching to polish your confidence and win the interviews.