Is Getting A PMP Certification Worth My Effort?

I had just been promoted to the project manager role, which meant I was in charge of directing projects and managing teams. This position held the most management and thus involved a lot of responsibilities within the company. It was a bit overwhelming for me, yet the company had expectations to be fulfilled.

I knew this would affect my workplace performance, so I enrolled in a PMP Exam course. I obtained a new skill set and a certification that has guided me throughout my career.

Becoming a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) has taken my career to a new level. Here’s some key information on why PMP certification is the next great step in your career.

1. Adds value to the CV

Interviewers looking to fill a project manager position tend to prioritise profiles with PMP accreditation over those without such certification.

Project management jobs are in high demand, and due to the large number of applicants, PMP certification proves beneficial as it is one of the most objective ways to shortlist candidates.

Furthermore, many companies are making it mandatory to have a PMP credential. It means you cannot even apply for some positions without these credentials.

2. Expand Your Marketability

The PMP credential has helped me reach global organisations in different parts of the world. It has enhanced my professional marketability to a great extent and legitimised my experiences as a project manager.

I’m in touch with individuals with who we took up the course through project management forums and discussion boards, helping one another to master our expertise with tips and knowledge.

3. Salary Increment

Did you know that PMP-certified project managers earn at least 20 percent more than their non-certified counterparts and that PMP-certified professionals can earn a six-figure income?

Yes, I earned more than I did after getting my PMP accreditation.

4. New Skill Set

PMP certification opened avenues for me to learn new skills, which enhanced my knowledge and provided opportunities for career growth.

What can the certification process teach you? Perseverance for one.

Passing the PMP exam is not easy. It took me many hours of study and preparation. It requires mastering the material and learning the fundamentals of each methodology used in project management.

In addition, you will learn the best practices and current trends in project management.

5. Confidence in the industry.

Earning the PMP certification made me confident in my role, and the training provided me with the specific knowledge and skills required to function in this career based on industry-wide standards.

I can now manage projects and direct my teams without feeling overwhelmed. My workplace performance has greatly improved, and I can now complete more projects on time. I have forged stronger connections in the industry, which has opened up opportunities for collaboration.

Want also to take your career to the next level? Enrol in this PMP Exam Certification today!