How To Answer “What Are You Looking For In This New Position” In An Interview

How To Answer “What Are You Looking For In This New Position” In An Interview

In almost every interview I have attended, one of the questions is, “What are you looking for in this new position?” or “What are your exceptions in this particular role?”

It’s impossible not to feel like the interviewer is testing you with this question; after all, what else would you want in a position except what the employer is offering?

However, you don’t want to tell the recruiter this. When an interviewer asks you this question, they want to gauge your interest in the position.

No one wants to spend their time interviewing someone not fit for the job or waste company resources on a candidate who isn’t sure what they want,” Godfrey, a recruitment manager, says.

So then, how do you diplomatically answer this question?

1. Begin with your skills

While this question is about you, you must also see it from the employer’s perspective.

Sure, the position is exciting because it pays well, and you get to manage others and take leave days whenever you want, but that won’t impress anyone.

Your skills will.

“Show the hiring manager that you possess the skills they are looking for, and mention how you are looking for a perfect place to utilise them. Believe that that position will offer you that.”

A good answer, he says, would sound something like this;

“Over the past few years and in my current or previous role, I have honed my business development and branding skills. I am looking for a position where I can continue utilising these skills as I develop others.”

2. Explain what motivates you

Any employer wants to hire a candidate motivated by something more than a salary.

Explain this motivation by addressing it openly. Describe in detail what motivates you to do what you do and how you see that playing a role in the position.

You can phrase your answer like this;

“Something that is important to me right now is that this position allows me to market a company and interact directly with clients. I am always motivated to see how my work impacts the company and others.”

3. Bring out your long-term goals

Structure your answer around this by showing how you are an investment in the now and the future. Show that the company is your ideal workplace even though you only plan to stay there for a year or so.

And your answer can be;

“Professional development is one the key things that I take seriously and invest in; hence, I am looking for a position where I can grow since I am hoping that I will be able to take up managerial responsibilities in the future.”

In Conclusion,

Remember, the secret to answering this question is honesty and considering the employer’s perspective.

At the end of the day, these are the people you will be working for. Try summarizing your passion for the company, as this will make you the ideal person.

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